Collectible two-sided medallion - Between Heaven and Earth


The world of Nature and Art captured in a double-sided medallion.

Between Heaven and Earth. Fire and Water. Day and Night. Femininity and Masculinity. Among the Four Seasons. By watching Mother Nature in a dreamy conversation with the Moon, strike a balance between Nature and Culture. This small work of art was created out of love for the visual aspects of the world that we encounter on our way.


Symbolic pendant made of silver and glass enamel.

The fascination with the reality that surrounds me made me create a pendant "Between Heaven and Earth" inspired by the richness of Nature and its cultural interpretations. I combined flowers, leaves and animals bathed in the rays of the sun with sea waves illuminated by the glow of the moon looking at the thoughtful personification of Mother Nature.


Every element, from unfolded irises, through a chestnut leaf, to a fern branch and a kitten chasing a fish, is a micro-scale representation of real plants and animals. The layers of silver hide the Four Elements and the Seasons of the Year together with Day and Night:


  • Sun - Fire, Day, Masculine
  • Moon - Night, female element
  • Heaven - Air
  • Sea waves - Water
  • Plants and animals - Earth, I chose them to reflect three of the Four Seasons.
  • Woman - the image of Mother Nature, who at the same time took the form of Winter, hidden among the icy blue of the sky.

The necklace is double-sided and the sides are in harmony with each other. I filled the dome with translucent enamel, just like in the times of Art Nouveau artists. The sphere bathed in blue, like the sky above our heads, is led by the Sun, inspired by 19th century graphics. I placed 24 carat gold flakes under the warm, yellow enamel. An intricate pattern surrounds a wreath of native plants: oak, linden, ginkgo, rowan and rose leaves, as well as fish and a cat.


A collector's amulet that can only be owned by one person in the world!


I filled the interior of the dome with glass enamel in a labor-intensive stained glass technique, i.e. it is like colored windows in Gothic cathedrals with rays of light shining through the blue cells. They were the background to the scene on the other side of the pendant. A woman with flowing hair is like a nymph from Art Nouveau paintings. Her hair is tangled with a poppy flower, maple leaf and ears of corn, and the whole thing is wrapped in irises and water sticks on which a dragonfly has perched.


I covered the silver with an oxidation, which gave it a steel-gray shade, while the heavenly sphere was polished to a shine. I placed the pendant on a chain with regulation along its entire length.



  • Diameter - approx. 7.0 cm
  • Chain length - 61.0 cm (full length adjustment)
  • Silver weight - 84.0 g
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Materials: silver, jewelry enamel

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Heavenly colors and glass-like feel can be really mesmerising. It is a phenomenon known since antiquity as enamels were used as far back as thousands years ago and their usage was perfected when Art Nouveau style bloomed. Nowadays not many jewelers take up the challenge of incorporating enamels into their works but this technique is definitely worth the hours that must be put into it. It also needs extreme precision in every step of the work and lots of knowledge.


The process of creating


I use pure silver which I cover with many layers of powdered glass which I then fire in a red-hot kiln. I impatiently observe my work through a little window in the kiln’s door to ensure whether the powder already transformed into smooth glass. If it did, I quickly take the piece out so that my work is not ruined. This whole process has to be repeated numerous times and when this stage is over it is time to start grinding and polishing. Those are only a few major steps in the creation of the piece of jewelry that you just received. You can now enjoy being the owner of this intricate and unique piece of art.

Individual service


Are you dreaming of amazing jewelry hiding magic? Contact me via CONTACT and I will try to give your vision real shapes. I think jewelry is a gift for years and good when it has a deeper meaning. A stone assigned to the name of a loved one, or perhaps a symbolic reference to the sign of the zodiac, and if so jewelry became a tangible part of an important memory? I invite you to contact me, let's talk, how can I make your dream come true?


Stages of cooperation


From conversation, through design, to implementation, this is the process of creating an individual order. We start with brainstorming, gathering ideas and materials, making a quote, then I send you an order form and ask for advance payment ... If you want to know more, look at the INDIVIDUAL ORDERS tab.


What dose Guarantee of Uniqueness give You?


Jewelry designed by me is a part of reality, filtered through the imagination and hidden in a usable form. I would like to share with You, a Little Piece Of Art, that You can wear wherever You go. This is why I decided, that most of my works, will be created only in one copy. When You choose to buy my jewelry, I will give You my commitment that I will never create the exactly same piece.


Why I made such decision?


I could repeat endlessly popular designs, Isn’t it the essence of nowadays „creation” process? But my inner voice whispers that it is not my way. It guides me contrary to market trends and drives me to traditional craftsmanship, that after long hours of patient work, gives real art making satisfaction. Happiness and satisfaction, with having a unique, the only one in the World, and designed for You item, are emotions that I would like to share with You :)

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