African hippopotamus mask - silver pendant


African hippo mask transformed into a pendant.

The inspiration for this pendant was an African tribal mask depicting a hippopotamus, one of the very important animal totems. The customer who ordered it is a lover of Africa and has more than once measured its savannas on her own feet. She also has quite a collection of jewelry from me inspired by the fauna of the Black Continent.


Ethnic necklace on special order. 

I created the pendant according to the photo of the mask. Thanks to layers of silver and differentiated structure I gave it a rough look of ethnic jewelry. In the center I placed shiny lapis lazuli and the whole piece hangs on a cord.

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Materials: silver

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Individual service


Are you dreaming of amazing jewelry hiding magic? Contact me via CONTACT and I will try to give your vision real shapes. I think jewelry is a gift for years and good when it has a deeper meaning. A stone assigned to the name of a loved one, or perhaps a symbolic reference to the sign of the zodiac, and if so jewelry became a tangible part of an important memory? I invite you to contact me, let's talk, how can I make your dream come true?


Stages of cooperation


From conversation, through design, to implementation, this is the process of creating an individual order. We start with brainstorming, gathering ideas and materials, making a quote, then I send you an order form and ask for advance payment ... If you want to know more, look at the INDIVIDUAL ORDERS tab.


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