Individual orders

Individual approach

Do you dream of amazing jewelry, or maybe a personalized necklace that hides magic? The category: Individual orders is just for you. Contact me through the CONTACT category and I will try to give your vision real shapes.


I think jewelry is a gift for years and it's good when it carries a deeper meaning. A stone assigned to the name of a loved one, or perhaps a symbolic reference to the zodiac sign and plants attributed to him... the possibilities are very many. I invite you to contact me, let's talk, how can I make your dream come true?


Steps of cooperation

From conversation, through design, to implementation, this is the process of creating an individual order. We start with brainstorming, gathering ideas and materials, making a quote, then I send you an order form and ask for a deposit. I make a preliminary sketch, which I present to you, if necessary we make some modifications.


After getting your approval, I start transferring ideas into real matter, at this stage you will no longer be able to interfere with my work. Why? Because I treat every order as an act of creation, an artistic work, I want to include a bit of art in jewelry for you. Of course, this doesn't mean that I will not exchange the chain for another or replace the fastener with the one you like. After all, this jewelry is for you and is to give you pleasure!


I won't do it!

Apparently, our only limit is imagination ... but I add a few more. If you want me to duplicate someone's work, you will meet my refusal, I respect the effort and imagination of other artists, so I don't copy their work. With some pieces, I give my customers assurance that there will never be another such piece, so I will refuse if you want me to repeat the work covered by the Guarantee of Uniqueness.


I also don't repair someone's jewelry, because I don't know its specificity and how it was created and what materials were used by another creator. I hope that your resolution will meet your acceptance.


If you want to see works that I have already done especially for other clients, then look at the album: INDIVIDUAL ORDERS.


I greet warmly! :)

Marta Norenberg

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