Japanese tale enchanted in silver

A collection of delicate jewelry full of motifs taken the culture of Japan, in which I have embraced the symbolism of this country and the pieces of fabric brought the wandering it. All available pendants You can find in the shop: 

Will you spend 2.5 minutes with me? If you want to see: How do I cut my openwork? How do I connect pieces of silver using flame and solder? How do these beautiful fabrics go under openwork?

This video is for you :)




Collection of minimalistic brooches

ARTEA is a collection of sterling silver brooches full of flowing lines, lightness and feminine beauty straight the world of art. You will find there women moved into the world of jewelry with a universe of old paintings, sculptures and photographs.



I invite you behind the scene of my studio.

Walls decorated with shelfs, which bend under the weight of boxes and baskets full of soul & eye catching colorful stones. All kinds of tools, that purpose remains a mystery, straps, cords, chains tangled under my fingers. The smell of wood, silver dust sprinkled all over the place and a black lazy Cat stretches on the windowsill… this is how my studio looks like. Now You have the opportunity to feel a little bit of my creative atmosphere.



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