Polish hallmarks

Metal test and hallmarks 


In Poland, there is a hallmarking law according to which precious metal products must be inspected by the Assay Office.


Metal testing

Checking the amount of pure metal that is in the metal alloy (a combination of two or more metals). Jewelry is almost never made of pure metal, because both silver and even more pure gold is too soft to use. For example, a 925 silver alloy (0.925) contains 92.5% silver, with the rest being additives, e.g. copper.


Each precious metal comes in predetermined quantities:


  • GOLD: 0.999 | 0.960 | 0.750 | 0.585 | 0.500 0.375 | 0.333
  • SILVER: 0.999 | 0.925 | 0.875 | 0.830 | 0.800 (I've highlighted the most popular and smallest attempts)


A sign stamped at the Assay Office specifying the sample of metal used in the product. According to Polish law, products made of precious metals must be examined and marked at the Assay Office. During the examination, the official checks whether the metal sample matches what the manufacturer declares. The exceptions are silver products weighing less than 5.0 g and gold products weighing less than 1.0 g.


In each country that has the hallmarking certificate, there are other markings that are stamped at the Office. The graphic shows a list of basic features used in Poland. You can find such mini stamps on jewelry that you buy from me and other individual artists.


Creator's mark

In addition to the above marks, the namesake should also appear on the product, the artist's individual mark approved by the Assay Office. Mine consists of initials separated by a colon, and all this is enclosed in a circle.


Before I give away my product for hallmarking, I need to stamp this signature on it, you can see it in the picture next to it. Underneath is a laser burnt hallmark and so-called additional feature (female head in a circle).



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