Cylinder from Alice in Wonderland - brooch pendant


Jewelry inspired by the book "Alice in Wonderland"

Could it be that the Hatter has lost his cylinder? Maybe a cat is responsible for it, who snatched it and made a lair for himself on top? Behold, from the world of the book "Alice in Wonderland", the laughing tomcat arrives on his hat and hums his motto "We're all mad here! - We're all mad here!".

Brooch - cylinder pendant from Lewis Carroll's book

Cylinder made of sterling silver and hand felted wool with burgundy violet color. The silver was oxidized to give it a steel grey tone. On the reverse side there is a quote from the book, which I cut out in the mirror image. This is a small smile to the next part of the adventures of the characters - "Alice on the other side of the mirror". And in the wool is stuck pin with a decorative head, you never know when such a trinket will save the creation ;)

You can wear the cylinder as a brooch or pendant. Just put the chain attached to the hat through the eyelets, finished with adjustable clasp and my logo. I made a double clasp so it doesn't swing from side to side when worn.

This unique jewelry, which was made only in one copy, will be perfect for fans of the fantastic world of Alice!


Height x width: 6.0 x 4.8 cm
Chain length: 49.0 cm + 10.0 cm
Weight of silver: 26.0 g

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Materials: silver, felted wool

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Jewelry needs care


Silver jewelry will last a very long time, but we need follow a few simple rules.


  •  Remove the jewelry during bath and sleep time, keep it in dedicated little box or other container.
  • Try to prevent deformation, do not squeeze or twist thin metal parts.
  • Jewelry cannot come into long contact with fluids like water or strong detergents. Try to prevent its contact with cosmetics and cleaning products – it can change silver color.
  • Dark oxidative work that covers silver adds nobility but in time it can rub off, especially on edges.
  • Silver jewelry darkens naturally with age, particularly when it is not used or it is kept at high humidity environment. This is caused mainly by pollution in the air, especially hydrogen sulfide. This is natural process determined by properties of silver... you will find more tips on subpage: JEWELRY CARE.

Individual service


Are you dreaming of amazing jewelry hiding magic? Contact me via CONTACT and I will try to give your vision real shapes. I think jewelry is a gift for years and good when it has a deeper meaning. A stone assigned to the name of a loved one, or perhaps a symbolic reference to the sign of the zodiac, and if so jewelry became a tangible part of an important memory? I invite you to contact me, let's talk, how can I make your dream come true?


Stages of cooperation


From conversation, through design, to implementation, this is the process of creating an individual order. We start with brainstorming, gathering ideas and materials, making a quote, then I send you an order form and ask for advance payment ... If you want to know more, look at the INDIVIDUAL ORDERS tab.


What dose Guarantee of Uniqueness give You?


Jewelry designed by me is a part of reality, filtered through the imagination and hidden in a usable form. I would like to share with You, a Little Piece Of Art, that You can wear wherever You go. This is why I decided, that most of my works, will be created only in one copy. When You choose to buy my jewelry, I will give You my commitment that I will never create the exactly same piece.


Why I made such decision?


I could repeat endlessly popular designs, Isn’t it the essence of nowadays „creation” process? But my inner voice whispers that it is not my way. It guides me contrary to market trends and drives me to traditional craftsmanship, that after long hours of patient work, gives real art making satisfaction. Happiness and satisfaction, with having a unique, the only one in the World, and designed for You item, are emotions that I would like to share with You :)

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