Hippopotamus - silver pendant with green ceramics


Ethnic necklace inspired by African fauna.

A big animal submerged to the teeth in water, protecting itself from the hot African sun - this was my idea while creating this pendant. I made realistic hippopotamus head out of silver sheet, which I placed on the background of unique crystalline ceramics* with dark green shade and cracked surface.


Large hippopotamus pendant on a background of ceramics. 

Above the ceramics I placed an irregular medallion with the image of the whole hippopotamus. On the reverse side there is an eyelet for black-grenade green thong. You can take the pendant off the thong and hang it on something else.  Silver was oxidized to give it a steel-grey shade and partially rubbed to bring out the texture of hippo skin. I finished the necklace with an adjustable clasp and my logo.

* Crystalline ceramics - the technique of crystalline glazes is extremely rare, the crystals resemble patterns created on glass by frost and are never identical, that's why each piece is so unique.


If you love wild African animals and unique jewelry, then this necklace will be perfect for you. 

Pendant W x H: 6.7 x 10.0 cm
Length of thong: 48.0 cm + 10.0 cm adjustment
Weight of silver: 32.0 g

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Materials: silver, crystalline ceramic

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What dose Guarantee of Uniqueness give You?


Jewelry designed by me is a part of reality, filtered through the imagination and hidden in a usable form. I would like to share with You, a Little Piece Of Art, that You can wear wherever You go. This is why I decided, that most of my works, will be created only in one copy. When You choose to buy my jewelry, I will give You my commitment that I will never create the exactly same piece.


Why I made such decision?


I could repeat endlessly popular designs, Isn’t it the essence of nowadays „creation” process? But my inner voice whispers that it is not my way. It guides me contrary to market trends and drives me to traditional craftsmanship, that after long hours of patient work, gives real art making satisfaction. Happiness and satisfaction, with having a unique, the only one in the World, and designed for You item, are emotions that I would like to share with You :)

Individual service


Are you dreaming of amazing jewelry hiding magic? Contact me via CONTACT and I will try to give your vision real shapes. I think jewelry is a gift for years and good when it has a deeper meaning. A stone assigned to the name of a loved one, or perhaps a symbolic reference to the sign of the zodiac, and if so jewelry became a tangible part of an important memory? I invite you to contact me, let's talk, how can I make your dream come true?


Stages of cooperation


From conversation, through design, to implementation, this is the process of creating an individual order. We start with brainstorming, gathering ideas and materials, making a quote, then I send you an order form and ask for advance payment ... If you want to know more, look at the INDIVIDUAL ORDERS tab.



Mixture of fine French porcelain with the passion for chemical experiments. This is a short definition of my husband’s handicraft, who creates incredible works of art in his workshop Crystalline Obsession by Kuba Kalinowski. He uses crystalline glazes and the technique he’s working in is extremely rare and each time it gives different results.


Unpredictable creation process


If you fire the porcelain in a proper way, the crystalline glazes change into structures resembling frost drawings on windows. It is not possible to predict where will the crystals form, it is a totally random process so the objects created this way are always unique and unrepeatable. Such beautiful forms were a huge inspiration for me so I decided to use ceramics in my jewelry. I encased the ceramic piece in silver so that you can enjoy it in your jewelry. You can be absolutely sure no one will ever have identical piece to the one that came into your possession.  

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